Evident Content as a Pragmatic Scope ( Palm Frond-Sandalole Weaving Hadith by Al-Khadri as a Nonpareil )

Asst.Prof.Dr. Kadhim Jassim Al; Azawi

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 23-42

The evident content is a linguistic structure done by ourselves
to be a pragmatic and critical term . That is to say , the intention
of the speaker , implicit, is not declared in the context , thought
the expressions are different in a word , colour , rhythm , gesture
and so forth ) . Such a discourse takes so deep a message moving
in tandem with the major one as it could be traced in the Palm
Frond-Sandal Weaving Hadith narrated by Al-Khadri that bifurcated
into three levels :
1 -Recognition Level.
2 -Contemplation Level.
3 - Information Level.
All in all the evident content in the Palm Frond-Sandal Weaving
Hadith by Al-Khadri could be as follows :
( Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib is the one who will ascend to authority
after me )

Prophetic Chronicle in the Curricula of the Directed Islamic Education for the Primary Pupils in Algeria

Prof.Dr. Saleiha Sabqaq

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 45-71

The Islamic education aims to cultivate man as stable mentally ,
spiritually and conductively and commits to having people sharing
personal and social traits to erect a Muslim community embracing
the doctrines of Islam . As an educational endeavour , it guarantees
a great opportunity to augment mind, passions , ethics and social
As an essential isle the honest prophetic chronicle is considered
in augmenting the personality of man to emulate the path of the
greatest messenger ( Peace be upon him and his progeny) . As such
the Islamic educational directed curricula of the primary school
pupils in Algeria focus on the certain programs for the prophetic
chronicle in all the stages in concordance with the mentality of
them to truck the efficacy of such a trend in education.

Historical Criticism of the Chronicle Documentation Sources for Mohassan Al- Ameen`s Shiite Dignitaries

Lectur.Dr. Ahamad Alawi Sahib

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 75-99

Such a study surveys the criticism of the historical sources to rectify
the narratives of the prophetic chronicle of Seid. Mohssan Al-
Ameen`s Shiite Dignitaries according to the criticism, comparison
and explication . Here , the researcher is to review the critical
utterances of the historical sources and the events and his opinion
whether was he against or with or rather criticizing them ? That
is why the researcher reverts to comparison and explication to
determine the extent of their credibility and concomitance .
The study consists of four axes; the first axis highlights the
scientific status of Mr. Mohsen al-Amin, in terms of his name, rank,
origin, and scientific writings. The second axis deals with criticism
of historians’ mistakes. The third is to extirpate the narratives .
Finally the fourth axis summarizes the suspicion and omissions in
the presentation of the historical narratives .

Economics of R eligious Tourism in Iraq (Al-Kadhimeia City as a Nonpareil)

Prof. Dr. Salah Daoud Salman; Lect. Dr. Abdul Sattar Aboud Kazem

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 103-131

Religious factors play an important role in increasing the urban
population in particular regions where religious symbols and
monuments grant ritual and worshipping acts and contribute to
embrace all kind of people worldwide , since we know that most
of the cities that have grown and evolved for religious reasons
as it is known in Mecca , Medina , Jerusalem ,Najaf , Karbala and
Al-Kadhimiya other cities, as these places have become points of
attraction or otherwise affect in attracting large numbers of the
population, and thus the religious factor has become one of the
essential factors helping to urbanize and mushroom these cities .
Therefore, the need to construction and expansion of services for
the residents of these cities, including recreational services, and
tourism with a religious significance, which is religious tourism, is
on the full swing to help people in visiting some places of blessing
or pilgrimage or to perform a religious duty or to know the religious
heritage of the state and other religious rituals.

Question Analysis of Preparatory History Textbook in Concordance with the Skills of Divergent Thinking

Asst. Prof. Dr. Haider Hatim Al-Ajerish; a AL-Jubory; Prof. Dr. Mohammed Daya; Atheer Hamza Khalil

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 135-184

This research aims to analyze the question of the preparatory history
textbooks in light of the skills of divergent thinking and suggestions
to develop them. To achieve such an angle the researcher starts
studying some issues of thinking skills .The researcher prepares a list
about the divergent skills as the nineteenth skills . ,then presents them
to many experts and specialists in the textbooks and methodology .
The researcher began to analyze the questions of the last chapter
in the history textbook of the High Schools according to the divergent
To ensure that the reliability of the analysis, the researcher uses analysis
and Cooper equation, the coefficient of stability as (92.5%) and
(83.01%) and employs the repetitions and percentages of the thinking
: divergent skills to get the result . The results show the following :
(sensitivity of problems) about (34) repetitions (23.28%) ,the Ideational
Fluency about (30) repetitions ,(20.54%) , (Elaboration) (28) repetitions
with (19.17%) , (18) repetitions about (12.32%) , skill of the (mental
continuity) with (11) repetitions about(7.53%) , the skill of Time (6)
repetitions with percentage reached (4.10%) with percentage reached
(3.42%) , the skill of carefulness in dealing with spontaneous flexibility
(5) repetitions with percentage (3.42%) . However the following skills
reach (4) repetitions with percentage (2.73%) : (adaptive flexibility
and historical time continuity ) (2) repetitions and (1.36%) percentage
is the skill of (imagination) the skill with one repetition and percent
(0.68%), the logical continuity, focusing and transformation ) does not
trace any repetition that means the repetitions are (zero) with (zero%)
percentage the skills of (word fluency, associational fluency, expressional
fluency, figural fluency, and originality )
In term of the results of the research, the researcher broaches some
conclusions, recommendations and suggestions.

Semantic Study on Narratives with "as De scended"

Asst.Prof. Haider; Abid Al-Kareem Al-Masjadi

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 187-233

The Islamic narratives focus on various angles of interpretation،
doctrines and ethics ، some did with a sense that impels the mind of
the reader to fabrication ، “ as descended “ may lead to such a sense .
The current research study embracers a constellation of studies in light
of the modern scientific methodology ، analytic approach . For further
perception ، the study traces the narrative with such an u

Daash Phenomenon (Sociological Explication in Principles and Humanist Scopes)

Lectur.Dr. Talib Abidradha Keitan

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 237-289

This study is one of the studies that included the analytical and
field dimension through the exploratory study، which was distributed
to a sample of young people in different areas of their present
approach to search for the formation of the daash phenomenon ،
its origins ، the nature of thinking and practices and their stance on
the world around them. The researcher is keen to obtain specialized
sources of books and periodicals. The phenomenon of daashis
exclusively، so we relied on reliable sources from the internet
sites. The study included two chapters : the first chapter tackles the
meaning and history of terrorism and terrorism and extremism، and
the second chapter does a sociological vision of a preacher covering
behaviour، leadership، methods of dealing and reading for an endto-
end. The study terminates with a set of conclusions، recommendations

Cursing and Blessing in English and Arabic: A Contrastive Study

Asst. Prof. Rajaa M. Flayih Ash; shibani

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 19-46

Stemming from the opinion that words have power to influence
humans and their relationships, cursing and blessing are chosen to
be studied in this research paper. Linguistically, they have not been
widely investigated in literature. In most previous studies, they have
been represented as social and theological phenomena. They tended
to be emotional expressions rather than declarative speech acts.
The present study tries to compare them linguistically, in both English
and Arabic languages, dealing with their characteristics in depth
by using a descriptive method. In addition to its preliminary attempt
to assign clearly the felicity conditions of blessing, this paper tries to
answer the following questions:
1. Is there a significant difference between cursing in English and its
counterpart in Arabic?
2. Is there a significant difference between blessing in English and
its counterpart in Arabic?
3. Is there a similarity between cursing and blessing?
4. Should they be treated as linguistic routines?
This paper is divided into five sections: the first examines cursing
in English structurally, semantically and pragmatically. The second
deals with it in Arabic. In the third section, a linguistic account is
given about blessing in English with an attempt to organize its felicity
conditions depending on those given for cursing within Searle
Model(1969), while the fourth looks at it in Arabic. Finally, the comparison
and the conclusions are given.