American Policy on the Religious Authority of Seid-Sistani Pre-and-Post Sufficient Defense Edict

Asst.Prof. As; aad Hameed Abushana

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 87-144

A thought bounces to the American politics that invasion of
Iraq and destruction all the security and political systems will offer
Iraq to them on a silver platter : there will be none to confront
them .Not cognizant of the presence of the religious authority ،
sublime and self-abnegated ، in the holy Al-Najaf they were ، such
an authority gives all the priority to Iraqi people and their interest
.However، the American research centers and other decision making
foundations inaugurate studying the religious authority in the
holy Al-Najaff ، Seid.Al-Sistani ، all theses studies culminate with
one viewpoint that Seid. Al-Sistani is the last religious authority
takes step in politics . Consequently it draws its future plans in line
with this viewpoint ، yet with the growth of DAASH ، the issuing the
sufficient defense edict in 2014 release of and the veneration and
obedience of the nation to Grad Ayatollah Seid. Al-Sistani to fight
the usurpers ، the American decision loops reconsider all the strategies
for the religious authority of Seid. Sistani ، as the great and
unexpected response escalates to its panicle and comes beyond
what the international community and the united states itself. At
the very outset، America never believes that the Iraqi people will
emulate the religious authority in such a response and surmount
Daash forever.

Geographical Analysis of the Creative Industry and its Role on Achieving the Economic Development

Asst.Prof.Dr. Salam Fadhil Ali

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 193-253

This research aims to explore the concept of creative industries
(activity which restores the production of cultural and creative
works of original according to the principles of industrial production
and to be marketed as shopping and industrial goods) and its historical
development ،its components، structure، sources، analysis
of the geographical distribution in the different economies of the
world) . In an effort to answer the key question is whether the creative
industries Have become an important component of economic
competitiveness in any country through its contribution to GDP
and job creation; its impact on other economic areas and creative
industries can compete with products from industrial products of
Alto Traditional products and provide intermediate inputs intervention
in industrial products manufacturing and other services.
The research found that creative industries play a role in shaping
the economic base of countries through their economic income،
which can support their employees and thus achieve added value
capable of pushing the development of the countries forward. Its
exports in the world doubled from 2002 to 2009 to reach $ 712
billion. They grow at an annual rate of 8%. In 2016، it contributed
$ 18.2 trillion to world production (30% of world GDP). Due to the
contrasting geographical، human، economic and historical factors
in the world، the distribution of these industries varied between
their political units and their economic systems ; China، the United
States، Italy، Britain، Germany and France are among the most important
exporters of creative goods in 2015. The top 10 countries
account for 73.7% of the world's total exports of creative goods in

Recognition Levels of the Students of the Department of Economic Sciences at University of Annaba to the Facebook Merits and Demerits

Asst Prof.Dr. Abubakr Al-Shareef Khualid; Asst.Prof.Kheiraldeen Mahmud Buzarb

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 257-310

This study aims at detecting how much the social networking website
« Face book » is used by the Algerian students، and also their awareness
of the various advantages and disadvantages of this web-site.
In order to achieve the objectives of the study، the researchers adopted
the descriptive analytical method where they used the Questionnaire
tool to collect data. The research was applied in Badji Mokhtar
Annaba University - Algeria on a sample of )93( students from the
department of economic sciences at the Master level، They were selected
in terms of the intentional Sampling Method. The results have
eventually shown the great popularity of using the social networking
web-site « Facebook »، by the aforementioned students at the rate of
)94.62%( despite the fact that they have higher levels of awareness of
the advantages and disadvantages of that web-site.

Islamic Arabic Architecture in the First Century of Hijra in Iraq ( Cointributions of Al-Mukhtar Ibn Abiabeid Al-Thaqafi as a Nonpareil )

Lectur.Dr.Rajwan Faiusal Ghazi Al-Mayali

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 367-399

Al-Mukhtar Ibn Abiabeid Al-Thaqafi is considered as one of the most
important men in the advent of Islam and takes so great a role in the economic،
social، religious and political events in the Islamic state in the reign
of Umayyad . Such is quite traceable in the span of his life ; 67 Hijra.
H aving searched for such a figure it comes quite evident that he has a great
experience in architecture ; the achievement of Khatarneia village in Kufa،
the holy shrine of Imam Al-Hussein in Karbala، kufa city and Al-Madaan
city .What deserves mention here is that though the short reign he takes
power، he pays much a


Assist. Lect. Nada Abbas Anoun Al-Sultani

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 19-49

In the present paper an attempt has been made to reveal the regularities
of the historical development of methodology as a science
under the influence of various factors; the conditions favourable
for their successive replacement and interpenetration have been
studied; and the characteristics of the newest methods of teaching
English as a foreign language have been suggested. The researcher
has classified, analyzed and compared multimedia methods and approaches
to the foreign language study.
It has been proved that the effectiveness of mastering a foreign language
by students can be achieved only if the process of studying
and learning is a conscious, deliberately-planned and systematically
organized one; on the condition the newest methods of teaching
languages are used, particularly, multimedia ones; if the process of
teaching English as a foreign language is assisted with the help of a
specially organized system of classroom activities based on the usage
of modern multimedia and Internet technologies.
A series of conclusions that have been drawn in the result of the
research allow us to state the following. First and foremost is the
necessity to use all the advantages of classical methodology combining
them skillfully with the advances of the contemporary methodological
science. Such methods and approaches as multimedia
and computer-assisted language learning, internet-based methods
offer a broad range of motivating activities and opportunities for
self-development. Therefore, they cannot leave either teachers
or students indifferent. Multimedia methods can be applied in a
modern classroom and a great emphasis has been put on design
software, painting tools, modeling and animation tools, and digital
movie tools.
The results of the scientific investigation may promote further development
of these issues and may become a starting point of the
elaboration of practical recommendations concerning application
of the methods described