Chronological Development of the Husseinist Pulpit as of Foundation to the Collapse of Abbasids 656Hijra, 1258ce

Prof. Dr. Hussein A. Al-Sharhani; Asst. Lectur. Kawakib H. Al-Halali

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 23-55

It is of prominence to mention that the Husseinist pulpit is the
cornerstone to preach man ; studying the chronological development of
such a pulpit gives much attention to the acts of reform and change man
observes throughout ages . The Ummayds endeavour to decay the Islam
, but the pulpit fights being devastated and tends to be a bridge between
the infallibles and their adherents. Consequently, the modern age misses
such a conscientious pulpit in time there are many campaigns to drag man
into mire , yet people persist into adhering the pathways of the chosen
imams into the bless of Him and the prophet. That is why the present
study tackles such phases of development.

Epistemic Rudiments of the Husseinist Pulpit Preacher

Lectur. Dr. Salah N. Al-Araji

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 59-90

As commonly agreed that the Husseinist minbar grows an important
niche in the society as it edifies the human mind of both man and
society; the Husseinist mourning meetings give nourishment to people
in all ages and places, Karbala provides man with moments of thinking
and rethinking and comes as a weapon to revolt against the despots:
the minbar runs in line with all forms of reform and change as there are
corruption and injustice. However the present research paper consists
of an introduction and ten chapters; Advice of Allah, the prophet, the
infallibles, Muslims, prospecting the modern sources, scared books,
correspondence between the preacher and his deeds, warning from being
in the trap of carnal desires, never losing the bless of Him to the consent
of people, being cognizant of the human mind differences, then there are
some recommendations and a conclusion.

Role of the Husseinist Pulpit in Solidifying the Social and Religious Perception

Lectur. Dr. Khamaeil Sh. Ghanim

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 93-114

Islam is considered as the source of all concepts congested with
humanitarian principles giving nourishment to man, yet there should be
a sense of innovation to answer the inquiries and to manifest such great
repertoires . The most prominent trait the Husseinist revolution broaches
is the minbar or the pulpit from which the Husseinist preacher emanates
to guide people to righteousness: a German writer describes the minbar
as a way to develop the Muslims .However it is of importance ,nowadays,
to take hold of the Husseinist minbar as an Islamic necessity and a bridge
to other civilizations to invigorate the religious perception; for Imam Seid.
Mohammed Al-Husseini Al-Sherazi (May Allah bless him) the Hussein
minbar is to inculcate the doctrines and thoughts and the interlocutors
could acquire firm beliefs and hard souls from its shade.

Factors of Social Responsibility in Light of Al-Meezan and the Glorious Quran

Proff. Dr. Abdelkareem F. R. AL-Haydari; Sajida M. A. AL-Haeiri

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 117-156

The importance of the current locus, the social solidarity, lies in the
circumstances the Islamic world suffers from and the Iraq as an epitome;
the poverty problem calls all the efforts to find a remedy for such a locus;
the society as the main cell is much meant to find procedures and solutions
to live in cooperation and peace. The study ,here, delves into the life of
the scientist Al-Tabtabaei and Seid Qatab, the concept of responsibility
and the social responsibility factors in light of religion, the results and
some recommendations.

Linguistic Approach Derivation In the Ahlalbayt Interpretation (Peace be upon them) to the Glorious Quran

Lectur. Dr. Zahraa N. Qasim

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 159-198

The Linguistic approach is in the lead of the approaches concerned
with the interpretation of the Holy Qur'an, whose importance lies in
the agreement with all the Islamic sects to mostly accept than reject it.
It is unlike the intellectual approach of interpretation or tradition-based
interpretation. Thus its precursors appeared early in the interpretation
of Abdullah bin Abbas and other Companions of the prophet. But their
interpretations were not more than meaning explanation of a small
number of uncommon words with reference to their use in Arabic Poetry;
and they did not reach the stage of establishing different pillars of the
linguistic approach settled in the late second Hijry century and the early
third Hijry century in Qur'an meanings sources .
The research study seeks to state the pillars of the linguistic approach
surpassing the explanation of the meanings of uncommon words, and
consolidating their appearance before writing the books of the meanings
of the Holy Qur'an. Consequently, the Hadiths of Ahlalbayt (PBUT)
come as the field of the research and its area of investigation to the first
consolidating of the linguistic interpretation to state its missing link;
secondly it is to prove its legitimate argument,; thirdly it is to respond
to those who accused the Ahlalbayt doctrine of avoiding the linguistic
approach and rejecting it in interpreting the holy Qur'an.

Impersonation in the Martyr Mohammed Al-Dura

Lectur. Dr. Abdelmuneim J. AL-Shweili

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 201-238

The current research paper, Impersonation in the Martyr Mohammed
Al-Dura, manipulates the shades of impersonation ; derivation, conceptual
acts and motives with reference to the child martyr , Mohammed Al-Dura
and his martyrdom.
However the study ramifies into an introduction and three sections;
the first deals with the one-dimensional impersonation, one character
to be impersonated in three types: 1- impersonating the martyr, 2-
impersonating the father of the martyr, 3-impersonating the murderer.
The second section tackles the bidirectional (double) impersonation under
two types : 1- impersonating the martyr and the father, 2- impersonating
the martyr and the poet. 3- impersonating the martyr and the sons
.Besides, the third section covers the three-dimensional impersonation :
the martyr ,the father and the mother .
In the meant paper are three certain conclusions: the incident
dominates great attention and styles in depicting such martyrdom ; the
poet impersonates himself through the psyche of the murderer to delve
into the inmost recesses of such an atrocity. Consequently the study
goes paramount and preponderant for its double and three dimensional
impersonation in a familial dialogue ever found before.

Utterances Designating Fasting Conditions in the Glorious Quran and the Original Traditions Theological Reading in light of the Derivational Structure

Lectur. Dr. Nasir H. N. AL-Helo

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 241-264

The present study never comes as an attempt to detect the
contributions of the morphological construction in the legal Islamic
systems of the Glorious Quranic text and the other tributaries of other
elicited judgments.
As well known that the sources of the basic legal ruling are the
Glorious Quran and the traditions. However, the research study tries to
exploit the diction in such sources. That is why the researcher chooses the
rules of fasting to be the field of his focus.

Alexander I and His Internal Policy in Yugoslavia to 1934

Asst. Lectur. Fatima A. Yasir

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 267-309

As one of the most important figure in Yugoslavia Alexander I :
born in 1888 to find himself urged to transfer from one place to another
whose father take so great a role in shaping his personality . He ascends
the throne in 1909 and takes part greatly in the Balkan wars 19121913-
.Then he becomes the king of Serbs, Croats and Slavsin in 1921 and exerts
himself to compromise between the desire of the Serbs , one central
government, and that of Croats ,federal one but in vain as the Serb MPs
shoot the Croats ones under the dome of the parliament ; as such the king
announces the dictatorship in 1929 to be assassinated at the hand of the
Croatian revolution in 1934.

Felicity levels of Faculty of Education for Pure sciences Students in Karbala University

Asst. Lectur. Ihsan K. AL-Talaqani

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 313-366

The current study merely aims to measure the levels of happiness
to the Faculty of Education for pure sciences students in light of the
differences among them according to type and phase. The researcher
uses for this purpose Oxford synonyms of happiness prepared by
Michael Hearst-Argyle Profit Rises Peter Hill after translated to ensure
psychometric characteristics. The sample includes 430 male and female
students from the faculty dispersed by 136 students and 294 distributed
on educational stages II to IV of all the departments . However the study
shows that certain felicity indicators slump for the college students
in general except for two indicators as complacent and self-content .
Besides, the results show a sense of superiority of males to females in
some dimensions of happiness as found in the results : the indicator of
happiness decreases with the passage of the early stages . Ultimately ,
the researcher concludes that there should be some recommendations to
develop the university environment and enrich the recreational activities
to escalate the indicators of happiness and suggests that there could be
further studies on the university professors as well.

Psychological Alienation in the Teacher Preparation Institute

Asst. Lectur. Jafar S. Al-Aamiri

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 369-402

In any era there is an attention paid to the specific phenomenon or
issue distinguishing this era from other ones. Nowadays there is a number
of phenomena with a clear effect on the mental health of humans. One
of these is alienation some communities face as problems and numerous
challenges; the Iraq is one of these societies suffering from the scourge of
war that damages human ،economic، and psychological pressure leading
to form the feeling of anxiety ، the loss of safety and some mental disorders
in his children. In turn، these may lead to the emergence of phenomenon
of the psychological alienation among students of teacher preparation
Aims of research:
1. -Identifying the sense of alienation among students of teacher
preparation institute.
2. -Having knowledge of statistical significance differences in alienation
according to gender (males and females).
The research is applied to a randomly selected sample of students
in the institute. The number of sample comes as (150) divided into (75)
males and (75) females .
In the light of research results it is to have a set of recommendations
and suggestions.

A Pragma-Rhetorical Analysis of Some of Imam Ali's Moral Teachings Speeches

Asst. Prof. Rufaidah K. Abdulmajeed

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 20-46

The primary objective of pragma-rhetorical devices is persuasion
that can be defined as being able to change ones’ thoughts and
feelings towards a particular subject. Imam Ali Bin Abi Tabil (P.B.U.H)
used these pragma-rhetorical devices in his speeches which are collected
in Peak of Eloquence (Nahj al-Balagha). The current study
aims at making pragma-rhetorical analysis of some of Imam Ali’s
speeches delivered under the topic of moral teachings. The results
show that Imam Ali highly used these pragma-rhetorical devices
with the aim of persuading the audience to adhere to these moral