Poetic Schema and its Structures Epistemic Foundation Principles and Textual Employment

Prof. Dr. Tariq Thabit

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 5, Issue 0, Pages 19-49

The importance of schemata in the structural studies emanates from the surgence of the structural analysis; the personal perception is the fount of meaning , there should be a focus upon the system of decoding in which the self-diverts from the centre. The study tackles the nexus between the schemata and the structure to find a concept to the poetic schemata as a critical term.

Citizenship in the Islamic Traditions Concept, Features and Principles

Prof. Dr. Khadeeja Z. AL-Hamadani; Lacturer. Dr. Muhammad D. Eldeen

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 5, Issue 0, Pages 53-94

The concept of citizenship among peoples and nations is in the case of ambiguity and confusion as a result of the radical changes taking place in the concepts of political and social thought in the local and international communities . It follows the political and social reality of each country and finds that many states and citizens are numerous , they have the concepts of citizenship, depending on the current political viewpoints applied .The study reviews the historical documents that talk about the establishment of an Islamic state after migration of the Prophet Mohammed (May Allah bless him and his family) from Mecca to Medina in the first year of Hegira . So the paper runs into three axes withy conclusion.

Interpretation Term and its Controversies

Asst. Prof. Dr. Heidar M. Hajar; Sajid S. AL-Askari

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 5, Issue 0, Pages 97-118

Grammarians never run into controversy in the interpretation meaning as it is to discover, manifest and explain; but the interpreters do in its meaning etymologically; the paper surveys certain definitions to the concept of interpretation for certain interpreters, old and new and differentiates between both perception and interpretation linguistically and etymologically; some believe that the relationship between them is concomitant ,some believe that the perception scope is similar to interpretation process.

Geographical Discourse in Light of Modern Geographical Technology and Specialization Diversity

Asst. Prof. Dr. Nasir W. Freih

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 5, Issue 0, Pages 121-138

Without a shadow of a doubt , the scientific terms in any field run into importance to attain reasonable results, to fathom the terms is a necessity. The geographical science as in all sciences has recourse to many new terms never been before.Thus there is a necessity to translate such terms for the benefit of researchers; GIS and GPS are the most tackled in the geographical studies and pass without being translated; the Iraqi Scientific Society takes so great a role in rendering the new western terms; so the problem arises from: 1. What arev the most important geograohical terms prevailing in the science of geography in different specific majors? 2. What is their impact on both the researcher and the ibnterlocutor? 3. Could such terms be translated into Arabic for convenience? 4. How could it be to distinguish between such terms and the diversity of programmes? Hypothesis The study hypothesizes that some terms coukld be rendered into Arabic, some not as they have no equivalence in Arabic.

Phonetic Mutuality in the Syntactic Term Noun, Verb and Preposition as a Nonpareil

Lecturar. Dr. Hussein Ali Hussein

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 5, Issue 0, Pages 141-167

The diversity of the shades of meanings for a term comes as tacit in our language; if we do review certain sources in Arabic, it is to find such a fact. Certain modern researcher claim that such diversity in meanings could lead to ambiguity and obfuscation. The study runs into three axes with introduction reviewing the definitions of the concept; the first axis manipulates the noun, the second doers the verb, the third does the preposition, finally it concludes with the findings.

Pragmatic Horizon of the Philosophical Term

Lectu. Dr. Mohammed H. Ebrahim

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 5, Issue 0, Pages 171-201

Terms strike a note of salience in the world of thoughts for having depth and theoretical efforts; to produce a term there are certain scientific conditions. One of the main controversies looming larger and larger is precision in dealing with the term .Such a paper is an endeavour to shed light on one angle Taha `Abidalrahaman exudes in the meant point.

Difference in Qurabnic Persopective Reasons and Remedies

Lecturar. Dr. Waqfan M. AL-Qaebi

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 5, Issue 0, Pages 0-0

The actual study ramifies into certain axes: the first reconnoiters the a syntactic and etymological difference, the second does the reasons of the difference, yet the third does the remedies in concordance with the Glorious Quran; the most essential remedy is to consult the Quran and the traditions of prophets ,guardians, scholars, nation dignitaries, the sapient and the constitution.

Excavations in the Memory of the Term (as a Margin or marginalized model)

Prof. Dr. Abdullateef H. AL-Taei; Lacturer. Dr. Nawres I. Abdel Hadi

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 5, Issue 0, Pages 0-0

In the midst of cultural diversity، knowledge، multiplicity of concepts and terms that have emerged with the current trends of modern intellectual، the marginalized term remains diverse and sticks to identification and control، in spite of its frequent use in various cultural،intellectual and social circles، economic and political all. So it is open to many economic and political interpretations and explanations; some attribute it to the phenomenon of poverty، and some to the brevity of efficiency and the absence of the role. However it derives its themes from what the other waves expose and from the marginalized، the neglected، the daily and the discarded. In spite of the diversity and the frequent use by researchers in various fields، but there is not an etymological and linguistic concept، for this search is to delve into the significance of such a concept، to achieve this goal it was necessary to tackle the linguistic heritage، observe what the old dictionaries manifest ; the root of (marginalized)، and skip to the shades of the meanings in this convention، in part it is to take hold of the significance of the postmodern term، specifically the cultural studies and criticism.