Pragmatic Scope in Imam Hassin Sermons at Al-Madeena Al-Munawara

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 3, Issue 3, Pages 1-52

With no doubt, the work comes with the most efficacious force
that influences both a person and society so the development acts
of a primitive society should stream throughout its levels to divest
itself of such retardation. It needs to know something about Ahlalbayt
(Peace be upon them), their sciences, deeds universally and in
particular their societal concerns covering all the levels related to
man, since there is no way to distinguish between them, so I decide
to study a text for Imam Al-Hassan pragmatically to see that his
speeches are applicable to our society and country to the best, if we
do perceive his speeches.

Traits of Interpretation and Argumentation in the Speech of the Chosen Son (Peace be upon him)

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 3, Issue 3, Pages 53-144

The research paper aims at applying its target through two sections;
the first tackles a survey to the traits of the Quranic Ayats
interpretation Imam Al-Hassan manipulates as proved by authenticated
statements or Quranic Ayats that certify the contextual meanings
of Ayats.
Yet the other section takes hold of a survey to the traits of argumentation
that is void of interpretation, manifestation or demonstration
to the ayat content that is controversial and gives many
shades of meanings, in particular, the Ayats Imam ponders over to
manifest their intention or interpretation in terms of argumentation
or what the sermon occasion demands.

Features of Style in Imam Al-Hassan Sermons

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 3, Issue 3, Pages 145-184

It is not quite convenient to survey all the artistic and aesthetic
concerns in Imam Al-Hassin sermons, in time, it is not of impossibility
to pay heed to more one trait in these sermons, that is not of
eccentricity, they are the abode of elocution and the city of prophet
knowledge that surpasses the critical limits of the Glorious Quran,
the drastic affairs of Muslims life and difference in the Quran; their
science is a mesh in the miracle concatenation; they are the abode
of the message as Allah state in the Ayat seven, Prophets Sura: If ye
realize this not, ask of those who possess the Message

Al-Hussein and Quran Buttress (Counterpoise Study)

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 3, Issue 3, Pages 185-216

That distinguishes the Glorious Quran as a text everlasting, celestial
and miraculous, is the sense of its creative sources and products;
whoever delves into the Quran finds pearls other previous scientists
never found; the Quran is everlasting bless and with much
aphorism and sapience and casts knowledge and percepts to those
who ponders over it.
Such a miraculous matter comes in line with Al-Husseinist revolution
equal in age to the Glorious Quran; from Karbala battle in 61
Hegira or the divine epic to the previous scientists, writers and theorists,
though various in denomination, walks and religion, never
cease exploiting its knowledge, lessons, morality, wisdom and secrets
different from those who find first.

Scope and the Base of Islamic Debate and its Impact on the Western Mind

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 3, Issue 3, Pages 217-258

The scopes and bases of a good debate that reckons all the right
and all the science with its principles and various fields, how to fathom
and study the human soul and debate into its conduct recesses,
debate science as related to psychology and literature, and other
respecting emerges in Islam, since it consists of these monolithic:
doctrine, religion and ethics.
Conduct cultivating and personality appertain to Islamic religion,
the chastity of a Muslim appertains to the Islamic doctrine as
it is inculcated in his heart; the prophet says: "Best in ethics, most
faithful in belief".
For such a study to be completed it is to talk about the western
world as influenced and influencing, so it comes as follows: introduction;
as mentioned before; section one: The Islamic Bases in the
Fruitful Debate and Knowledge Argumentation; section two; The
Western World between Being Influenced and influencing; conclusion;
the most important results and recommendations.

Contemporary Islamic Discourse in the West and Human Development (Perfection and Interaction)

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 3, Issue 3, Pages 259-280

The present research paper surges into reality as a counterpoise
study and an endeavour to rejuvenate the call discourse targeting
the West via giving life and changing the means and styles, because
the importance lies in rejuvenating these means and styles not in
principles and viewpoints.
The Islamic discourse designates the sheer function of the Islamic
promulgation which is a religious duty, human necessity and
civilized way concerned with Islam as prominent; it interacts with
man in terms of naivety, trends, systems, principles, propensities
and predilection. Overall, Islam addressees all circumstances, times
and places

Impact of V-model on Literature Acquisition for Fourth Secondary School Pupils

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 3, Issue 3, Pages 281-356

The research aims at studying and establishing the impact of
V- model on literature - Arabic Literature - acquisition for fourth
secondary school pupils. In order to achieve the aim of the study,
the researcher uses the null hypothesis" assuming that there is no
significant statistical difference, that is to say, the significance level
of 0.05 between the subsequent educational acquisition of the experimental/
study group and the control group that learn the same
topics by using the traditional method.
The researcher selects students from a secondary school in
Baghdad for the academic year 2011- 2012. Fourth year pupils are
chosen as a study sample, and a number of topics and texts of literature
from one semester are selected, and the researcher takes appropriate
procedures and methodology to complete the research. A
total sample of (64) students are chosen randomly, divided into two
groups. The experimental/study group of 32 students are taught according
to the V- model, while the control group of 32 students as
well, are taught under the traditional way.
The researcher establishes the internal and external validity of
the evaluation by identifying the confounding factors of the study
design, identifying factors that can affect the variables and he prepares
a teaching plan consisting of (10) subjects/topics and texts
from fourth year secondary school , Arabic literature text, and there
is a test having (40) items/questions. The test consists of objective
questions including, multiple-choice questions and complete the
blanks type of questions. The researcher uses appropriate statistical
methods to complete the analysis of the results of the study and
control group.
The test reveals superiority of the experimental/study group
students who are taught under V- model over the students in the
control group who are taught under the traditional way. In the light
of the result of this research paper, the researcher concludes the
1. it is possible to apply different modern teaching models
that suit all the academic levels with no need to build new
applied models, as these teaching models prepared on theoretical
bases with numerous successful applications.
2. The (V) models use can overcome the difficulties faced by
the teacher and reduce the efforts and time consuming.
In the light of the outcome of the search and the above conclusion,
the researcher recommends the following:
1. providing appropriate training and development courses
for teachers in the official teaching institutions (Ministry of
Education) to equip them with the modern teaching models
such as V-model and to help to apply these models in the
educational community.
2. setting up training courses for teachers in Ministry of Education
to establish the new trends in the educational process.

Religion Ideology Development in the Old Mesopotamian Civilization

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 3, Issue 3, Pages 357-378

The study focuses on the evident proves certifying the root of
the unity of Allah in the Old Iraqi Civilization, a reader to such a civilization
could observe its maturity and development, it is impossible
for it to be far from the sacred messages as there are scriptures
proving such messages and not being under study as much as they
The major target of the paper is to take hold of the texts that
certify the ideology of Allah unity in the Old Iraq.
It depends on facts and evidences that are too necessary to be
tackled in publicity and assumes answers or suggests some further
studies in this concern. Furthermore, under the doctrine of Allah
unity man proceeds on the earth and erects a civilization, thus the
doctrine of oneness never heaves into light but in Islam as the Commander
of the Believers declares: "raise be to Him, as He prove His
existence through His creature and creation".

Controversial Theology For Seid. Al-Sistani Peripateticism -Traveling much- as a nonpareil

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 3, Issue 3, Pages 415-464

For a theologist there is perception to a Quranic or narrative
text, since he has cumulative scientific experiences that come in line
with the right decision.
In time, the scope of evidence finding never delimits itself to
one dimensional perception; the evidence the theologists inspire
are much as their visions and opinions that give flexibility to the
rules promulgation and religion existence. The present paper consists
of four sections; the first aims at having proves of the one who
travels much, the second at surveying the definition of muchness
and how it exists in the first trip or the second or the third; the third
section is allotted to manifest Seid. Al-Sistani evidences, yet the
fourth takes hold of the controversial point for Al-Sistani and how
it differs from many old contemporary theologists; "does traveling
without doing a regular work considered as a traveling one that has
to do shortened or complete travel prayer?

Perception Hindrances in the Transformative, Generative Arabic Writings

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 3, Issue 3, Pages 465-484

The present study tackles the most important hindrances the
Iraqi writings confront numerous transformative and generative
theory that coined by Noam Chomsky; such hindrances give preponderance
to the Western ones; so the main issue, here, consists
of an introduction surveying the Arabic studies that focus upon
these, then it concludes with the results.

Using Contextualized Pictures in Teaching Vocabulary to Intermediate School in Iraq

Ass. Prof. Dr. Bushra S. M. Al-Noori

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 3, Issue 3, Pages 15-44

Vocabulary is knowledge of words and word meanings. However,
vocabulary is more complex than this definition suggests. First,
words come in two forms: oral and print. Oral vocabulary includes
those words that we recognize and use in listening and speaking.
Print vocabulary includes those words that we recognize and
use in reading and writing. Second, word knowledge also comes in
two forms, receptive and productive. Receptive vocabulary includes
words that we recognize when we hear or see them.
Productive vocabulary includes words that we use when we
speak or write. Receptive vocabulary is typically larger than productive
vocabulary, The study aims at investigating the following questions:
1. Which is more effective in learning a new Language,the use of
picture or contextualization in teaching vocabulary items or
teaching by using definition?
2. Is teaching through pictures easier than using definition to learn
After dividing the sample into two groups, control and study
groups, the statistic re4sults are to be confirmed and the meant targets
are to be obtained