Characteristics of the Quranic Expression in Al-Insan [Man] Sura

aeem Salman Al-Badri

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages 22-55

The current research is but a modest effort to explicate the Quranic Expression in Al-Insan Sura and an endeavour to fathom the characteristics and expressive traits the meant sura culls, and it tackles the tale of the brave in particular, iyat 5 v- iyat 22.However, contemplating the sacred sura, scrutinizing its iyats and setting a comparison between the sura and other concomitant suras lead me to a labyrinth of linguistic issues and characteristics of expressions worth tackling and studying.

Impact of the Modernist Study on the Syntactic Method of Sibawaihi

Bann Salah Mahdi

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages 57-78

By sciences personality evolves and develops. It is for man to have what it is efficacious to his personality, dealings and scientific methodologies.
When trailing the chronicles of the avant-garde linguistic scientists, it is to find that they never delimit themselves to a science, but they have more than one science in their repertoire . That is why the impact of the acquired sciences looms large on their intellectual ideology.
Consequently, such a research paper endeavours to manifest the impact of the discourse on the syntactic personality of Sibawaihi and how the traits of the innovative engraved in his writings. Perhaps the reason,here, lurks in the fact that he studies discourse first before inaugurating the syntactic science.
The research comes in two isles preceded BY an intro duction to the knowledge interference between linguistics and other sciences. Provided that it tackles studying the reasons behind abandoning discourse and pursuing other sciences. Then only then, the first isle manipulates the literature of the innovative and how it strikes deep roots in the personality and ideology of Sibawaihi.
Yet the second isle delimits itself to modern terms appearing much in his writings. Ultimately, the research paper reaches the conclusion and bibliography.

Paired-Words in the Exquisite Sermon of Imam Ali (Peace be upon him)

Riyadh Shanta Jabir

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages 79-101

The current research paper comes into fore since the paired-words regarded as universe phenomenon before being tackled in art and literature; the relation between the creator and the created is in pairs, and it is more evident in the great universe phenomena; dark and light, night and day, life and hereafter. Yet life and death loom evidently contradicted, the conflict between man and devil or between the human beings from the fall of Adam, or between man and nature and so forth. Not only is it delimited to the contradicted pairs, but there are concomitant pairs stemming from equality and stability.

Syntactic Term in Controversy

aed Jassim Al-Zubaidi

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages 103-155

Many studies bubble into being to tackle a syntactic term in light of origin, development, history, documentation and criticism. Such studies have been endeavouring to generalize it for not being in confusion or causing controversy; they fluctuate between consensus and chasm.
Those who coin the term never pay much heed to the utterance “term”; sometimes we do find Basrah term stirring controversy in Basrah, or a Kufian one the Kufians themselves never regard as common. As a result, the past sources use such a term, and other sources come in line with; that is why it is open to misconstruction. In time, it is necessary for a term to be in common consensus (limitation: definition) and in logics. Such is not noted in the terms we have nowadays.
Consequently, the current study endeavours, through the three parts, to show the reader the specialized –Arabic language, the studied-Arabic language and the researchers the most salient controversies in the syntactic term in light of our modest accumulative experience in tackling Arabic and continuous edification extending forty odd years.

The Arabic Explicated Lexicographically (An Etymological and Critical Study)

Osama Rashid Al-Safar

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages 157-219

Such a research paper stems from the idea that the Arabic could be explicated lexicographically. Since there are many reasons and motives, the avant - garde explicate something refrigerated “Mubarad” as “Suhan”, as Dr. Hashim Taha Shalash (May Allah have mercy upon him) refers to from their dictionaries, yet he never superadds anything; it comes to my mind to reckon what Al-Murtadha Al-Zubaidi tackles from such terms in his reputed dictionary: Bride Crown from the Nub of the Dictionary initiating from a to z. Since it is the last dictionary the avant - garde left behind to us, if we suppose that the edition epoch of legacy dictionary cease at the decline of Al-Zubaidi epoch.

Classical Arabic Criticism and Cognizance of the Importance of Genres (Essays from Al-Jahidh and Ibin Wahab Al-Katib)

Fadhal; Abud Al-Tameemi

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages 221-250

The current study sheds light on the critiques achieved at the hand of important Arab critics; Al-Jahidh (255 Hegira) in his significant book Al-Baian Wal Tabeen [Evidence and Evidence Finding], and Ibin Wahab Al-Katib (325 Hegira) in his book Al-Burhan Fi Wajah Al-Baian [The Proof at the Face of the Evidence],both experienced the critical writings in two prosperous centuries from the centuries of Islamic Arab Civilization. Such critiques come in parallel with the idea of genres having,throughout history, theoretical ploughs and procedures endeavouring to describe the controversy of literature. What ramifies from the genres comes as a façade to literary content and takes part in having a literary vision about universe and life.
Scrutinizing the former critiques never means leaving settled visions without reason, but it means explicating and fathoming the sense of criticism of the these critiques themselves, as they appertain to the systematic genre orbit in respect to the process of criticism. Such designates palpitating perception to the roots of the issue that takes great importance to intellectuality and practicing the modernist criticism.

Interactive Sentence in Approximation to the Concept Configuration

Abass Ma; Mushtaq

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages 251-276

sih tuohguorht nur eno ot dlew erutluc ro egdelwonk oNirav dna xelpitlum dna snoitisnart hguorht ssap htob tub ,yrotsecnerefer dna sgninaem ynam gnignahc noitamrofsnart suo smetsys eht htob yfitarts taht snoitulover esrevinu eht ot eud .ytinummoc lanoitanretni fo stnorf rojam eht dna
wen a fo edahs eht rednu era ew taht yfitrec snairotsih ehT fo yhcrareih eht ni nredom tsom eht sa dedrager noitulover ummoc dna lacinhcet eht morf mets taht snoitulover esrevinueveihca dna ygolonhcet fo dnah eht ta tnempoleved evitacin.hcope cinortcele eht fo tnem
ot si ssecorp hcraeser cifitneics eht fo scitamoixa ehT yrevocsid eht htiw lellarap ni noitingocer fo stca eht dnetxe stluser tsap eht eziniturcs ot yrassecen si ti nehT .stnempiuqe deen ni ro ,elbats ro degnahc era yeht rehtehw erus ekam ot uh eht fo pam eht ni htap neddort a si hcuS .tnemnethgilne fo.egdelwonk nam level eht egnit ot noitulover eht rof tneinevnoc etiuq si tI esopxe ot sehcuot tsewen eht htiw erutluc dna egdelwonk fo ulover remrof eht fo smetsys eht morf tnereffid ytilaitnetop sti.stca laro eht dna ,repap ro dum yb ,gnitirw eht ni sa ;snoit
si noitulover a hcus fo tnemeveihca tnatropmi tsom ehT retupmoc eht ,troppar cinortcele eht ;troppar wen a gnivah lanoitanretni ,tenretni ;noitanitsed evitacinummoc rehte sti htiw yrdnus dna lla ot erutrun hcum sevig taht noitamrofni rof bew .seod repap ;troppar remrof eht naht

Reflexive Patterns in the Poetry of Ta'abat Sharran

a Mohammad Muhammad Lazim

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages 277-320

The study, here, tries to get benefit from the repertoire of the cultural analysis and to scrutinize Ta'abt Sharran as a poet, the deep vision in his texts and for the images of human conflicts that come in parallel with his zeitgeist. However, it sheds light on the acts of explication drawn from the textual structures to explore how form and function juxtapose to erect content, symbols and allusions.

Ipiq- Adad II, the king of Eshnunna (1850-1813 B.C) New Ruling Year

Ahmed AL-Jobouri

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages 321-365

Chronology considered as one of the important sources used in studying the historical political events happened in a specific period belonged to the king Ipiq-Adad II of Eshnunna (1850-1813 B.C). He was the 16th in dynasty of the rulers of Eshnunna.
The site of the kingdom of Eshnunna lies in Diyala district and established by the Amorite people who had entered Mesopotamia during the second millennium B.C. It was one of the strongest kingdom ruling the Eastern Mesopotamia. It was a rival to dynasties of Babylon, Ashur and Mari in controlling the whole land between the two rivers.
The economic text ,No. 92033 IM, on which a new ruling year recorded, was found in the AL-Seeb hill, one of the hills of which the city of Meturan consist and lies which lies in Hemrin dam included in the process of rescue carried out by the State Foundation for Archaeology and Heritage 1977. Before 1996, the Archaeologists knew very little about the reign of this king. But the new archaeological investigations and the new findings of excavation have shown the presence of a new ruling year which is the focus of the present research paper. Such a ruling year revealed new information about the invasion of the city, AL-Der extending in the same site of Badra, Wasit, the present Wasit province.
Ultimately, it is to reach to pinpoint more than 20 years of his reign ramified into deeds various, military, political, architectural and religious.

Housing Shortage in Iraq (Its indications and Confrontation Strategies)

audi; Ada Al-Mas; Riyadh Mohammed Ali; adi; Ahmed Hamed Moheesin Al-Sa

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages 367-415

The need for housing regarded as the most exigent demand of people besides the other needs; food, drink and clothing .The thing that emphasizes such an importance is the theoretical clues (50-60)% of the urban land using the space found in the master planning. The latest years have witnessed a wide and increased need for housing due to the natural increase of immigration and the rise of culture and means of living. This causes a heavy pressure on the sources ; the land is part of these sources. The crises of living appear; Iraq faces such a situation for many reasons, and problems aggravating the problem of living. The results show a need for 2-2.5 millions housing units until 2020.

The Impact of Tectonic Activation on Future Anxiety (Contrastive Caustic Study between University of Missan and University of Al-Qadesiya)

Ahmad S.Yasien AL-Gurairy; Ali A. Saleh

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages 417-497

The study aims to identify the nature and causes of the recurrence of Tectonic activation tectonic in certain parts of Iraq, represented by earthquakes and a lack of occurrence in other parts ,as it is related to natural geographic (geomorphological – geological) factors in the search. Then the research paper tries to figure out the impact of Tectonic activity in the future anxiety among the University students of Maysan subject to such activity as compared to University students of AL- Qadisiya who are not subject to the meant phenomena. The second part of the research concerns with the environmental psychology.
The number of the sample adopted in the search is 224 students from the history and math depts in the college of Education for both universities; 112 students from each college .In order to measure such a target , it is to build research procedures consisting of 20 items representing the behavioral indicators for the future anxiety.
The most important findings of the study indicate that students of the college Education in the University of Maysan suffered from future anxiety more statistically significant than students in the college of Education in the University of AL- Qadisiya. The study finds that there is a statistically significant difference on the scale of future anxiety ,for the benefit of individuals not having knowledge of the causes of the tectonic activation caused by tremors , earthquakes and how to confront them ,when happened , as compared to individuals having such knowledge and being subject to tectonic activities held in question. Both researchers reach certain recommendations and proposals.
This study is one of the first studies that deal with the advantage of scientific information for two independent scientific specialized branches (Physical Geography and Psychology) and employs the information to produce scientific unified research paper aiming to achieve the most possible scientific benefit in applying the practical side of the scientific research and in serving man in different environments.

Shape Figuration of Mesopotamian Symbols in the Islamic Art

Salwa Muhsin; Abidalhameed Fadhal Ja; afir

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages 499-567

The current research paper takes hold of the shape figuration of Mesopotamian symbols to expose the figuration of the Mesopotamian symbols practiced by the Mesopotamians in arts and literature, regarded as doctrines and Mesopotamian civilization and reviving into the Islamic arts.
The research paper allots four chapters to have the target of the shape figuration of Mesopotamian symbols manifested; in the first,it manipulates the procedural entity, the problem,the importance, aim and stating the research terms.
In the second, it sheds light on the theoretical entity bifurcated into two isles; the symbol in the Mesopotamian art and the traits of the symbols in the Islamic art.
In the third, it focuses upon a sample from the Islamic art; wood and rock plate, wall pictures, sculptures and ornament that incarnate the symbols of the Mesopotamian art. The meant research exploits both description style and explication techniques throughout the processes.
Ultimately, in the fourth the research paper concludes with the results and findings in the light of the theoretical principles, the research paper reaches, as they come relevant to the theoretical orbit; such results are as follows:
The Shape Figuration of Mesopotamian Symbols existed in the artistic works incarnating the realistic nub of the conflict the Mesopotamians experience throughout ages in the Islamic arts.
In time, the recommendations are as follows:
The Islamic art is to attach great importance great measure to symbols it has- to certify the cultural pollination and express the originality of the Islamic art.
For further studies, the present research paper suggests inaugurating a study paying heed to shape figuration of Mesopotamia in the Greek arts.

Representational Rules of Creation Theory for the Jurists (Al-Najaf School as a nonpareil)

Maithim Rasheed Hameed

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages 569-597

The representational rules in word creation amongst the Jurists. This kind of studies is important, they have discussed-«the three branches of the» Meaning:
The actual Meaning- the facts.1.
The metaphorical Meaning.2.
The compound or structural meaning.3.
The first branch is the subject of the actual study searching the relationship between the cognition and meaning for the Jurists.
The representational rules depend on the concept in Meaning versus facts. Accordingly, for the effort the jurist introduces, it is of necessity to be categorized in the list of linguistics of the modern and classical Arabic lesson. The jurists endeavour to broach their theory in semantics, and it might study the "linguistic principles" that pave the way to their theory in the "linguistic position". The Jurist introduces their theory and treatises with an additional production called «the Linguistic principles» or «Research on Words».

Verism in The Crucible

Jaberi; Haider Ghazi Jassim AL

AL-AMEED JOURNAL, Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages 21-65

Verism as a term designates the fact that representing “truth” in an artwork, as it is and at any price. It is of high importance to drag the attention of the readers vehemently to the meant target2. More specifically, it highlights the truth beyond the lines in an artwork; it is by some means or other a part of realism that stipulates both here and now, everyday incidents and events, political, domestic and social, and the creator’s environment. Realism,in a sense, depicts life as it is, it is a portrayal of reality with fidelity, it does not exert itself in rendering life into something serene or chaotic; there is no other ways but to bring life into effect in a realistic piece of writing3; it vows drastic detours to dramatism with the emergence of Eugene O’Neill’s artworks in 19204.Combine that with the fact that chronicle, to the core, stresses the past events and recalls them in a dramatic means and in order of time, usually it is known as a history play; a chronicle one that manipulates recorded historical events as was tackled in The Crucible.The chronicle play originates in Seneca artworks and then glimpses in 18th and 19th century,as Darley, Tennyson, Browning and Swinburne turn the prow of their attention to history; then Thomas Hardy tackles history in The Dynasts.Ultimately, the second world war leaves a number of chronicle plays that dissect the human conflicts in term of history and these are respectively; Arthur Miller’s The crucible, Robert Bolt’s A Man for all Seasons and the State of Revolution5 and Ralf Hochhuth`s The Representative and soldier6.